Restaurant Decoration Dubai

Restaurant Decoration Dubai

Restaurant Decoration Dubai
Restaurant Decoration Dubai

Decorations for restaurants and drinks in Dubai; People living in this country give importance to quality in the restaurants where they will meet their daily drinking needs.

Dubai restaurant decoration companies, according to the comfort of customers and modern design expectations, do the decoration of the restaurant design.
With these expectations, the modern lines of interior decoration and design, the comfort of the interior furniture decoration, meets the expectations of customers from the restaurant.
In recent years, tourists from many countries of the world come to Dubai. Tourists, who belong to many different cultures, look for the culture design of their own country. Because these expectations are very different, restaurant decoration companies choose restaurant decoration design according to the population density and cultural tastes of the countries,
The prosperity brought by high income in Dubaide brings the quality to the fore in the interior design and decoration application applied in the restaurants and in every decoration application, the highest quality materials are used.

Restaurant İnterior Design Companies

Restaurant İnterior Design Companies

Restaurant İnterior Design Companies
Restaurant İnterior Design Companies

Restaurant interior decoration companies, restaurant projects for the details and conditions written below, must be applied to Restaurant companies.

Restaurants can make live food music without disturbing the environment and the customer. Turkish coffee and tea are prepared and prepared in accordance with traditional methods in the restaurants for Turkish cuisine.

Restaurant decoration construction companies

The second class restaurant has a capacity of at least fifty people. The total capacity of the first class restaurants is at least 50 people and the remaining part of the capacity can be arranged in separate halls with the condition of organizing a main hall with at least fifty people. Restaurnat hall capacities are calculated by dividing the customer service areas into 1.2 square meters per person, provided that the customer’s location is provided comfortably. Restaurnat interior decoration designs are arranged in such a way that the halls are directly connected to the kitchen or the service kitchen is available. However, with the provision of functional arrangement for the halls on the same floor, a single service kitchen or kitchen connection can be seen sufficient. The space allocated for the kitchen should be arranged in such a way as to provide sufficient service to the capacity. This includes the food preparation, cooking, service office, service desk, dishwashing sections and other areas that fulfill the functions of the kitchen.

Restaurant interior design for the design companies, restaurant units in the conditions required.

a) Lighting and decorating all volumes with materials suitable for their function and class,

b) Administration room,

c) Separate customer toilets for men and women,

d) Dressing places for staff, washbasin, shower and toilet,

e) Material storage,

f) Cold storage or cold storage tank that can be opened from the inside,

g) in the kitchen;

1) The cooker,

2) Preparation places suitable for the types of food provided at the facility,

3) enough dishwasher capacity for service tools,

h) Hall and service units on separate floors, service ladder or discharging.

Facility applications and additional requirements of restaurant interior design firms.

a) Restaurant entrance hall,

b) Separate service entrance in connection with Restaurant Service spaces,

c) Cloakroom with Restaurant Bank,

d) Restaurant Music broadcast,

e) Restaurant Ventilation and air conditioning system,

f) Restaurant Cuisine,

1) Oven,

2) Dishes and plates warm storage equipment,

3) Sweet and pastry preparation places,

g) Hot and cold dishes and dessert varieties of at least five of the menu.

Hotel Mechanical İnstallation

Hotel Mechanical İnstallation

Hotel Mechanical İnstallation
Hotel Mechanical İnstallation

The waterproofing details, drainage systems and the materials to be used in the building sections are indicated in their architectural and installation projects by specifying the relevant standards. Waterproofing details associated with carrier elements such as underfloor, shoring surfaces and dilatation are also indicated in the static project.

Hotel mechanical plumbing insulation design;

a) Hotel Construction elements are subjected to pressure or pressure-free water effects and mechanical installation with thermal water density, mechanical installation, the removal of water from the structure, orientation and evacuation systems are organized.

b) In the building where the waterproofing will be applied, the ground shifts due to the ground characteristics, the basic shifts and rotations, the building blocks or the existing old buildings and the joint gaps to be left between the new buildings will be considered.

c) Waterproofing in new buildings is made according to the principle of application of the structural elements from the side exposed to water.

(3) Hotel Mechanical installations shall include the waterproofing materials specified in the project details; it must meet the minimum performance characteristics defined in the relevant national implementing rules standards, technical specifications and this Regulation. The thickness and / or consumption information for which these performance characteristics are provided must be shown in the project details.

(4) In determining the types of mechanical waterproofing materials; Mechanical tesiast construction companies, application standards and mechanical installation manufacturer’s instructions are also taken into account. In mechanical installation project applications, the use of materials that do not adversely affect each other’s performance characteristics is essential.

(5) For the mechanical and waterproofing materials of the Hotel, the standards shall be complied with. For the applications of mechanical waterproofing, new technical specifications to be published for the uses given in this regulation shall be evaluated within the scope of mechanical installation contractors contracts.

Thermal insulation mechanical installation

Thermal insulation mechanical installation

Thermal insulation mechanical installation
Thermal insulation mechanical installation

Thermal insulation project cover must be in accordance with the standards.
– The plan of the building to be prepared should be prepared in A4 size and included in the project. In the plan, the floor height, direction, location (contiguous arrangement, wind receiving condition etc.) of the building should be stated.
– The building materials constituting the structural elements must be compatible with the architectural project in terms of their type, thickness and thermal values.
– Identity certificate of heat requirement of the structure should be arranged. The document in the building province, purpose of use, type of fuel, energy efficiency status should be specified. Approximate annual fuel consumption should be calculated.
– The type of ventilation of the building, internal temperature values, gross volume, usage area etc. architectural values should be specified.
– Monthly heating energy requirement table should be prepared.
– The annual heating energy requirement should be calculated in kW / m² and lower than the limit values (not equal).
– The building specific heat loss calculation should be made and the thermal conductivity values obtained should be equal to or smaller than the values given in the standard.
– The transparent surfaces (windows) in the building shall be specified according to each direction (m²).
– If the ventilation type is selected and the mechanical ventilation system is to be installed, calculations must be made.
– Air exchange rate in natural ventilated buildings nh: 0,8 It should be taken.
– In adjacent buildings, the walls facing the adjacent space are considered as the external wall and are calculated according to the external environment conditions.
– All reinforced concrete elements in the building must be insulated.
– The thermal insulation materials used must have the available properties and thickness.
– Condensation and evaporation calculation of the building’s heat loss surfaces should be done.
– The month in which the condensation first appears is considered as the beginning month.
Condensation evaporation calculations are made and the graphs are drawn for the next month and the following month.
– It should not exceed 1 kg / m² in the externally insulated structural elements of the condensing water body and should not exceed 0.5 kg / m² in the insulated reinforced concrete structural components.
– The mass of the wooden material should not exceed 5% of its mass due to the mass of condensate.
– The mass of the hardboard material should not exceed 3% of its mass due to the mass of condensation water.
– The body of vaporized water should not be less than the condensed water body.
– Construction details of the building elements are drawn and U values must be specified.

Hotel Construction Companies

Hotel Construction Companies

Hotel Construction Companies
Hotel Construction Companies

Tourism facilities Hotel Construction, construction and decoration as compatible with the region, environment and nature, to provide the requirements of marketing and business in accordance with the functions and measurements specified in this Regulation, with qualified materials, furnishing, decorated and equipped places. If the entire structure is not covered by the document; places outside the scope of the document should not be disturbing the customer, the appearance does not spoil and leave the documented parts, the document should have a separate entry under the document.

Within a facility; In the case of other types of facilities with minimum qualifications specified in this Regulation, such species shall be arranged in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Regulation.

Hotel Construction Garden arrangement; In the garden, the gardens are arranged with care and in harmony with the natural structure of the environment.

General construction of hotels; a large number of toilets and sinks are available for both female and male customers.

Hotel Construction; All rooms have adequate natural or mechanical ventilation. All facilities are open throughout the year, except for the farmhouse and village house. Adequate capacity air conditioning systems can also be used for this purpose. Summer businesses can be heated with electrical or similar systems for temporary and partial needs.

Hotel construction plumbing; The facilities include hot and cold water at constant and sufficient pressure. Automatic chlorination and purification systems are provided for water supplied outside the city network.

Hotel construction lighting; External and environmental lightings are arranged in such a way as not to disturb the customers and prevent the natural life from being affected. In case of total capacity of one hundred beds or more than one hundred units, the capacity of the generator is maintained.

Cafe Restaurant Decoration Companies

Cafe Restaurant Decoration Companies

Cafe Restaurant Decoration Companies
Cafe Restaurant Decoration Companies

Cafe restaurant decoration designs found in Turkey, carried out by domestic companies, with different styles from each other, even though they are cafe restaurant, cafe and restaurants chic and original design decorations.

Not only in the sense of a cafe restaurant, you can also use the ideas and clues you get from here to decorate your home.
We are currently in Istanbul, in the architecture of the cafe restaurant, unlike the other examples, preferred by the more sharp lines, special design furniture draws attention. The color tones and decoration aesthetics of the interior spaces and the exterior borders have been ensured, where light furniture is balanced with brown tones in the walls and columns. The wooden tables used in the restaurant decorations balance the warm yellow tones on the opposite wall.

Restaurant decoration construction companies

Finally, a couple of different styles, successfully blended and sympathetic appearance, which affects people at first glance, restaurant decoration, interior design attractive floor tile work, colorful retro furniture, also takes on a fun atmosphere. The décor architecture and the furniture used in this cozy cafe restaurant, which is thought to be fine-tuned from the ceiling of the provence style lights to the furniture color scheme, add a different atmosphere to the Cafe restaurant.

Horse Ranch Facility Construction Companies

Horse Ranch Facility Construction Companies

Horse Ranch Facility Construction Companies
Horse Ranch Facility Construction Companies

Horse farm shelters, horse stables stay construction information, for horse riding facility construction companies, professional sector information, equestrian facilities, construction standards, the following standards are listed with information.
Horse Farm Facility For companies engaged in construction, horse farm plant standards and horse riding facilities standards,
Special Purpose Equestrian Facilities, Jumping, Dressage, Three Day Competition, Equestrian Endurance
The equestrian sport race for horse farm and horse riding facilities must be at least 4000 m2 and higher silica sand textile mixture area.
For these facilities, it should be surrounded by a barrier, lighting and irrigation system.
Horse riding Sport competition, softening open manege should be minimum 1000 m2. The site must be made of silica sand textile. There should be an illumination and irrigation system surrounded by a barrier.
At the horse farm horse riding facility, the competition, indoor manege, minimum 2450 m2 and above should be sand textile mixture. There should be lighting and irrigation system.

Cafe Restaurant interior design architecture

Cafe Restaurant interior Design Architecture

Cafe Restaurant interior design architecture
Cafe Restaurant interior design architecture

Important notes in Cafe Restaurant choices, For those who like to eat out, to have a good time out with friends, to have pleasant conversations, the interior decoration of cafes, bars and restaurants and the experience of architecture firms that apply this decoration are very important.

Because of the people you will find peace of mind, cafe restaurants, quiet and interior decoration, peace of mind should be reflecting places. Interior decoration architecture firms that build this kind of cafe restaurants should design the floor covering, wall decoration, furniture and equipment that will be used in the interior of the cafe restaurant according to the architecture and interior decoration style of the cafe restaurant. Especially, in the big cities, the ideal solution is to have a quiet and good time. Friendly staff, an interesting menu, pleasant music and delicious presentations, as well as restaurant decoration is very important. The interior design of cafes, bars and restaurants has a strong connection between the concept and the target audience. You can make your customers comfortable in your space by applying the decoration ideas that will make your audience happy. You can make your cafe restaurant more preferable. Therefore, the work experience and references of the interior decoration architecture and construction companies that will design your cafe restaurant are very important.

Restaurant construction companies

Restaurant construction companies

Restaurant construction companies
Restaurant construction companies

Restaurant decoration design is designed in two different categories as indoor and outdoor. Restaurant construction companies, the location of the facility, according to the potential of the crowd, the capacity adjustment, the construction of the restaurant as a single storey, as 2 or 3 floors can be built.

According to land development status, the construction of the Restaurant, how many m2 construction will be calculated.
Cafe restaurant construction companies make the architectural project by selecting the most successful architects for the facility. If the construction of the Cafe Restaurant will be single-storey, the kitchen units must be calculated separately, while the kitchen size is calculated. In the restaurant kitchen, the menus to be selected, which culture to be designed according to the kitchen, the equipment should be calculated according to this situation, if the products in the kitchen, to be served, must necessarily be an oven. At the same time, according to the variety of meat, the grid unit should be designed.

Turkish restaurant construction companies

Kebab restaurant has an important place in Turkish cuisine. In recent years, the construction companies that design the kebab restaurant are designed according to the Turkish architecture, which will be offered to the tourism sector. However, in various civilizations, the lines are built in restaurants. In the tourism sector, attention is paid to the convenience and taste of the customers, which are designed according to the modern architecture and in the construction of the restaurants.




Horse riding facility construction companies

Horse riding facility construction companies

Horse riding facility construction companies
Horse riding facility construction companies

For horse riding shelter construction firms, facilities that should be minimum standards.
In the construction phase of horse riding shelters, the automatic water trough should be considered in the project.
In horse shelter construction project applications, construction firms should be designed between two barns as a service path in the barn sections of the construction.
In building horse riding facilities, the veterinary department can be designed. In such construction projects, firms should design non-slip floors, grill shelters and labor.
Horse riding stables construction project application firms, if the project, if there is a department of nalbant households, non-slip floors, ventilation and lighting are recommended.
In the construction of the social facility, changing rooms, showers and toilets are obligatory. It is recommended for construction companies to make car parking and connection roads in such facilities.
It is recommended that the horse riding facilities are close to the stables.
There may be barriers to work. Safety bucket is mandatory if there are working obstacles.
Paddocks are recommended.
Pony Facilities, dressing room, classroom, game room is recommended.
Competition Open Manege should be minimum 2400 m2.
The pitch must be sand or better. It is surrounded by a barrier and it should be an irrigation system.
Competition Softening The open manege should be at least 1000 m2.
The pitch must be sand or better. There should be an irrigation system. Competition must be minimum 1800 m2.
The floor of the site should be a sand textile mixture. Surrounded by shingle, lighting and irrigation
system should be.
Pony Plants; Closed Manege should be minimum 640 m2, Outdoor Manege minimum should be 800 m2 if there is any.